Israeli rower won gold — and sang "Hatikvah" on her own מורן סמואל זוכת מדלית זהב

Israeli rower won gold — and sang "Hatikvah" on her own מורן סמואל זוכת מדלית זהב

ישראלית זכתה מקום ראשון בתחרות נכים באיטליה והתעקשה לשיר את ה"תקווה" מומלץ לשמוע את דבריה בנוסף לשירה."קטע מרגש מאד. האיטלקים מארגני התחרות לא העלו בדעתם שישראלי/ת יזכה במקום הראשון ולא לא הכינו דיסק עם "התקווה".היא התעקשה שההמנון יושמע, ביקשה מיקרופון ושרה אותו.. גאווה ישראלית !!!.
Update: some of the comments to this video mentioned a version of Hatikvah, by Enrico Macias. The first approximately 30 seconds in that version are not part of Israel's official anthem, Hatikvah.

The official anthem, used by all official Israeli institutions (the President, Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs etc.) and in every official ceremony, should have been in the hands of the Italian organizers. Unfortunately, unlike the Olympic games organizers, the Italian organizers didn't have it. They acknowledged the fact and apologized. Instead of acquiring the official Hatikvah, it is quite possible that they simply downloaded the Enrico Macias version of Hatikvah, since it's the first result when googling "Israel anthem" (without the quotes).

Just a month and a half ago, a much worse incident happened in Kuwait: when an athlete from Kazakhstan won a gold medal, the Kuwaiti organizers played the spoof Kazakhstan anthem from the movie Borat… They had found it online, of course:…

The correct Israeli anthem was played in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and in countless international sport events, when Israeli athletes won gold or when an Israeli team played in an official match.… (the anthem starts at min 2:30)
Here's the official Hatikva, from the Israeli Foreign Affairs ministry's website (you can click to hear it at the bottom of the page):…
You can also hear it on the CIA's World Factbook.
Best wishes,
The Team
Organizers of a rowing competition for the disabled in Italy apparently didn't take into consideration the possibility that the Israeli contender, Moran Samuel, would win the competition, and they forgot to bring the CD with the national anthem, "Hatikvah," to the awards ceremony. What did Moran do? She took the microphone from the master of ceremonies and began singing the national anthem on her own. Quite moving!

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